General Questions

Will GENconnect affect our generator warranty?

-No, Generator warranty will not be affected. This is a read only device. It does not connect to the accessory port on the controller. It only connects to the Aux terminals the generator factory provides.

Can GENconnect remote start the generator.

-Yes, but only on our “Offgrid” system
-Standby generators, safety was an issue, we did not want the engine starting when a technician would be working with his hands in the engine bay.
-On the industrial level we will allow full controller access to certified technician.

Can GENconnect clear codes

– No, It is highly recommended your service technician do an inspection onsite, before clearing codes
-Industrial with a high level (2) of access will allow you to clear codes

Can GENconnect measure fuel level?

-Yes, but only with a controller that has alarms set for “low fuel level”.
-Our Industrial Model can show fuel percentage.

Can GENconnect work on old generators.

Yes, any Genset before 2008 may not have a “common fault” hookup, but our “Fail to exercise alarm” ,”Load Side off alarm” and “Generator stopped alarm” can compensate.